I sometimes laugh at myself when I’ve blamed my “bad day” on one of my boys misbehaving, someone being rude, bad Manchester weather or too much to do.  In fact, for every bad day I have, blaming is still my default response, but I usually wake up from that pretty quickly now. I call my blaming response “over-reliance on my outer journey”.

It’s the days when I don’t remind myself that objects and people and situations are intrinsically neutral, that I definitely suffer the most. On those days, my thoughts and feelings are uncontrollably blown about by my mind’s battling, blaming winds!  It was quite a revelation on my meditation journey to discover that there is only one single thing that can cause me to have a good day or a bad day and that was the state of my mind. I guess I‘ve known this intellectually for years, but finally I’m actually living it. It’s solely the meaning we give to things and people that causes us to feel good or bad.

How on earth can any object, situation or person reliably provide us with what we want when the world is chaotic, illusory, and full of conditionings?

 When my mind is tended to and nurtured throughout the day, and I put my wisdom glasses on (these days through breath work, mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and Reiki) my day is always meaningful. This is what I call “correct reliance upon my inner journey”.  Of course I am fortunate enough to be constantly checking my inner mind during Reiki treatments and when I teach Reiki and meditation classes.

In fact, with practice, there are no good days or bad days, only meaningful ones.

Here is my affirmation gift to you:

 “Everyday is meaningful when I nurture my inner environment”.

Gouri x