It’s summer holidays and I’m staying with my Mum on the Wirral finding things to entertain the kids and thoroughly enjoying meeting up with old school friends. Today I visited a friend who I hadn’t seen for 24 years! She is a nail technician and I so I took the opportunity to get a manicure done- the first one I’ve ever had in my life (crazy I know!!). I loved it and strangely, it made me reminisce about my first ever Reiki session, over fifteen years ago.

I had very few expectations of my first Reiki session on that sunny day back in 2003. My fiancé and I curiously popped into an incense-filled hippie shop whilst visiting the Wirral from Manchester and we were lucky enough that the lovely shop owner had time to do some Reiki on us. It was a surprisingly spacious and well-lit room at the top of this little shop and I was totally looking forward to having a chill after a hectic week in the lab, maybe a nap and that type of high you feel when you get a massage. Little did I know that this Reiki session would be the beginning of a passion for me.  I was to fall in love all over again (this time with energy healing).

Reiki Journey

The sensation when the Reiki lady touched my head was a new one for me. Kind of like a mild electrical pulsation mixed with an almost overwhelming heaviness. Then came a feeling of floating, I distinctly remember having to open my eyes to ground myself. After what only seemed like two minutes, she tapped my shoulder to wake me up. I had that high, I felt chilled.

It was when I got home to Manchester later that day that an all-consuming tiredness kicked in. I went to bed at 7.30pm and at 2.30am woke to feel a “heaviness” on my body. After a few odd dreams I slept until 12pm the next day. A massive headache ensued, followed by another nap just a few hours later. On waking, I felt what I can only describe as “cleansed”.

 I later learned that this Reiki was more than just chilling me out, it had opened up my 114 chakras (energy vortices) and 72,000 nadis (energy channels). Not so surprising then, that big things happened in my life once Reiki was by my side, things that were previously seemingly impossible. I was well and truly hooked!

For the next sixteen years, I was to not only nail my own training in Reiki, but offer Reiki treatments in Manchester to hundreds of people. Again and again, I was to have the privilege of witnessing astounding change in many people, who too, struck lucky with stumbling across this amazing healing therapy.

Today I’m wishing you some enjoyable “firsts” and happy summer days.

Gouri x