I was going to use this space today to bring you one of many birth stories that have been kindly fed back to me from my hypnobirthing clients, but decided I was more drawn to giving you a little window into what we actually do during some of our one-to-one sessions in Didsbury.

 Hypnotherapy is of course a major component in my sessions, alongside birth education, but actually I feel the most important aspect is me getting to know you, and you getting to know what you really want and need, to have the best childbirth experience possible.  Because one thing is for sure, the most powerful state of mind to hold when you enter labour is confidence. But unless you know what you want to have confidence in, confidence itself is pretty much useless.  Therefore, a question that I ask all my expectant mothers, fathers, and supporting family members is “What do you want to have confidence in?”  and so this is what I’m sharing with you today, some of the answers from clients about to embark on one of the biggest events of their lives.

Support during Birth

“Confidence that my body knows what to do”

“Confidence in my mind’s responses to intensity”

“Confidence that I won’t panic”

“Confidence that my self love will get me through”

“Confidence in our bond” (between mother and birthing partner)

“Confidence that I’m being cared for”

“Confidence that I will relax and enjoy birth”

“Confidence that I can be assertive with staff”

“Confidence in my knowledge about birth”

“Confidence that my previous birth trauma won’t stand in my way”

“Confidence that I can listen to my body”

“Confidence to express my feelings openly”

“Confidence that I will be listened to”

“Confidence to pick up on her cues” (birthing partner)

“Confidence to know how to help” (birthing partner)

“Confidence that I can cope with the pain”

“Confidence in my inner strength”

So it is from here, that we then work together to ensure that couples leave their sessions with an inner voice that says “I CAN do this”.